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Walk E -Easy walk around Liphook visiting the Historic Inns of Liphook if you wish!

This is a circular walk of 3 miles going in a clockwise direction.  The walk starts at the Royal Anchor but could be joined anywhere along the route.

  1. With your back to the Royal Anchor and facing the zebra crossing, turn right and head down the Portsmouth Road, passing the Royal Mail Sorting office.  Cross over the road to the other pavement and continue until you reach Station Road.  Cross over (Station Road) and continue down the Portsmouth Road.  When you reach the Links Tavern on your right, stop. 
  2. Cross over the road and start to enter the Links Tavern car park, but immediately turn left onto a footpath that starts between the Links Tavern stand alone sign and an electricity pole.  There is also a blue sign giving directions for the Shipwrights Way.  Follow this footpath and then join a gravel drive with a house on the right.  Where this drive meets a road, which has crossed the golf course, turn right and go through the white gate into Foley Estate.  Follow this road until you reach the statue of Lord Straithnairn mounted on his horse.
  3. Keep to the right of the statue and go through gate posts continuing into the Foley Estate.   Follow the road as it goes through rhododendron hedges and then past a lake on the right hand side.  The road then bears left and goes uphill for a short distance, at the top take the right fork which has a big white sign pointing to Keepers Cottage and several more houses.  You may notice on the right hand side another small sign for the Shipwrights Way.  
  4. Continue down this road passing Keepers Cottage and Gardeners Cottage.  The road will soon pass between fields before reaching Foley Hatch where the road will bear left into a private drive.  Do not follow the road, instead keep walking forward onto a track with a white sign pointing to Woodside and the Bridleway.  Keep on this track eventually passing houses on your right and Weavers Down on your left. 
  5. The track ends at a T junction onto a minor road, turn right and walk past The Deer’s Hut.  Edging the lawn in front of the pub is a row of short stakes, at the end of these, cross the Deer’s Hut car park entrance and take the footpath straight ahead.  Alongside the footpath is a large sign advertising the Pavilion Bar, BBQ and garden.
  6. At the end of this footpath turn right onto the pavement running alongside the Longmoor Road.  Continue along this road, until the pavement runs out.  Cross to the pavement on the other side of the road, then cross over the roundabout and continue following the Longmoor Road.  Eventually pass Bohunt School on your right and continue until you will reach the Royal Anchor again.

As a suggestion to finish off your walk you may like to cross the main road and pop into the Green Dragon to sample a refreshing beverage, you will then have called at the 4 Historic Hostelries of Liphook! You just need to retrace your steps a couple of hundred yards or so to arrive back at the Royal Anchor.

Walk by Fay Boyett with thanks to Barbara and Roger Miller who walked the walk to check that the instructions made sense. 

Reproduced by courtesy of Liphook Community Magazine