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Bramshott and Liphook and surrounding area

This page will link you to all our walks, scroll down to connect with them!

Our volunteers present some of their favourite walks around our area, including the route on a map, together with points of interest. Please take lots of pictures on your phones, send them to us with some details and we will post them on our WALKS pages

WALK 1 This walk takes you back to the past – 1983 in fact – and could be either amusing or frustrating – let’s see if you enjoy it!Just for Fun !

WALK A An easy circular walk in the countryside from Liphook, to Bramshott. It include two styles which can be avoided by taking our alternative routeWalk A – Liphook to Bramshott & back

WALK B A fairly even circular walk from Liphook to Foley Walk B – Liphook to Foley

WALK C A gently undulating walk in Radford Park in the centre Liphook Walk C – Liphook around Radford Park

WALK D An undulating walk through a section of Radford Park and out along Haslemere Road to Marshes Hollow approximately 3 miles Walk D – through Radford Park to Marshes Hollow

WALK E Historic Inns of Liphook A circular walk connecting The Royal Anchor, The Links Tavern, The Deers Hut and The Green Dragon and taking in some very pretty scenery Walk E -Easy walk around Liphook

WALK F Drive and Walk – A series of 3 walks varying in difficulty around Waggoners Wells, Ludshott Common and Grayshott Walk F – Drive and Walk

WALK G An easy walk around Lowesley Farm without leaving Liphook Walk G Lowsley Farm Walk

WALK H Liphook to Waggoners Wells via Bramshott Chase A 5.2 miles (8.35k) walk through heathland and forest with some short, steep hills for the experienced walker Walk H – Liphook to Waggoners Wells

WALK I Easy circular walk Liphook, Stanley Common,Lynchmere Common, Hewshott, Liphook 4.75m/7.7KmWalk I – Easy circular walk 4.75m/7.7 Km

WALK J Leisurely walk Liphook and return via Conford and BramshottWalk J – Leisurely Walk starting Liphook, returning via Conford and Bramshott.

WALK K Leisurely walk –Liphook, Bramshott, Conford, Passfield, Bramshott, Liphook 5.3 miles//8.53 Km Walk K – Liphook Bramshott Conford Passfield Bramshott Liphook

PLEASE FOLLOW THE COUNTRY CODE BELOW; As printed in our ‘Walks Around Liphook’ Booklet 1st printed in 1983 and reprinted in 1984 & 1989

  • Guard against all risks of fire
  • Fasten all gates
  • Keep dogs on a leash
  • Keep to public paths across farmland
  • Use gates and styles to cross fences, hedges and walls
  • Leave livestock, crops and machinery alone
  • Take all litter home
  • Help to keep water clean
  • Protect wildlife, plants and trees
  • Take special care on country roads
  • Make no unnecessary noise

Paranormal notes – Bramshott has been around since the Domesday Book in 1086, and has had numerous spectral sightings so beware on your walks……. You may see more than you bargained for!

On the basis that as the village has had 27 sighted ghosts could it lay claim to the title


It is perhaps no surprise that it has a spooky tale or two to tell. But please don’t take them too seriously!

The rumours of paranormal activity were so well-known that actor Boris Karloff – star of the Frankenstein horror films of the 1930s – decided to move to the village to experience it himself.

Check out our Famous spectres, according to Real Paranormal Activities, by clicking on the link.