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Shopping in Liphook 1980’s

A Walk around Liphook in the 1980’s following the ads taken from our book ‘Walks Around Liphook’

Send us your pictures of these premises as they are now and we will post them alongside the adverts. Your name will appear in the credits.

Imagine that you are going shopping in Liphook in 1983……. not too long ago really, but long enough for your shopping experience to be very different from how it is to-day!

You are in in The Square. The Royal Anchor dominates the view and seems to have been there forever! The chestnut tree stands proudly in front of the building, overseeing the daily activities of our shoppers.

Carry on down the Portsmouth Road and turn into Station Road on the left

What shops can you remember in Station Road?

What is in Exchange House now?
What happened next?
‘George Ayling’ is still there but has this section of the road changed since 1983?

At the end of Station Road you turn left and walk along Midhurst Road towards the village

At the junction with Newtown Road you would see this, but what about now?

You pass Hiscocks, 54, Midhurst Road, established in 1929, still run by the same family. An enduring sight in changing times.

Crossing the road you would walk back past the Anchor Garage towards these two shops

So, where to next? Carry on walking past The Green Dragon , looking up to your right you will see the blue plaque depicting Flora Thomson who lived in this building, which was then the Post Office.

8 – 10 London Road. But whats there now?

So…a short drive up the Headley Road would take you right to The Passfield Oak Hotel

What’s there now?

Here is the Wild Card ,

You can still have a pint here, and exceptionally good food too!

Final Question;

We have talked about what was here in Liphook in the 1980’s however………

What would you NOT have seen in Liphook for another 15 years or more?